Weekly newsletter from November 25

Published on November 25, 2022 by oz. staff

👥 3 docs & a lawyer

The future of the Cannabis Act is in the hands of a panel of experts on addiction, mental health, and criminal law. PLUS, Ghost Drops is getting into the business of growing their own. AND, Fudge cookies 🍪

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Here are the week’s Quick Hits, Newswire, and Dad Jokes…

Quick Hits

👢 Booted: B.C. man faces lifetime ban from entering U.S. after border agents find forgotten bottle of CBD oil in his car (CBC)

🇺🇸 Decade of trouble: 10 years after legalization, Washington state cannabis growers face headwinds (MJBizDaily)

😋 ‘It’s blowing up’: Cannabis edibles made in Manitoba gaining popularity (iHeartRadio)

🗽 Too much weed: New York has $750M worth of cannabis stockpiled that growers can’t sell (The Guardian)

🐀 Oh, rats!: Police in India say rats ate 200kg of seized cannabis (BBC)


Organigram Launches HOLY MOUNTAIN to Further Support Its Strong Position in the Dried Flower and Hash Categories

Indiva Reports Third Quarter 2022 Results

Cannabis Plant Nutrients Market Worth USD 9,45,697.3 Million by 2028 at a CAGR of 28.97% – Report by Market Research Future

Truss Beverage Co. introduces new Rolling Wrapping Paper to help Canadians give the gift of cannabis beverages

Tilray Launches ‘Take Back Control’ Platform to Provide Women With Free Medical Cannabis Resources

The SQDC reports net income of $22.3 million for its second quarter ended September 10, 2022

Dad Jokes

Why didn’t the lifeguard try and save the hippy from drowning?
Because he was too far out man!
Why did the Snowman go out to the vegetable patch?
He needed to pick his nose.
Why don’t roosters wear pants?
Because their pecker is on their face.