Published on April 24, 2019 by Special to the oz.

Polar Kish by Northern Green Canada

By David Fernades
Cannabis Sommelier

This strain has a scent that will have you believing it was freshly picked from a spring forest far from civilization’s reach. It has that vintage smell of a true properly nurtured strain that from under the microscope treats you to beautifully trimmed buds with its curling pistils, trichome coating and deep cavernous passages that resemble the dense regions of an arctic tundra.

While smoking this strain, your first few tokes will be gentle on the throat with a mild earthy and fruit mix that’s followed by that classic skunk flavouring we’ve all grown to love. By mid-session, you’ll need some drink as Polar Kish may dry your throat depending on how much you’re consuming. But this only con is nothing compared to the enjoyment this strain will lay upon you.

At its peak you’ll be in full relaxation mode. The effects can hit hard and at times heavy. That classic indica charm will hit you in the face, and others will notice. Although the head heaviness can be bold, this strain won’t put you to sleep but rather keep you in that gray area of wakefulness and comatose, not to mention an extreme increase in appetite that’ll have you eating just about anything.

Polar Kish is yet another example of a strain that serves up exactly what you’d want in an indica. There’s more to this strain than it’s ample high and vintage flavours. It is something you should experience.

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