Published on April 27, 2019 by David Wylie

Houseplant Sativa by Seth Rogan

Chemdawg by Seth Rogan has a nice ring to it, right?

Don’t get your hopes up; this is not that.

Houseplant Sativa from Seth’s cannabis company arrived in a comically large box, so big that the BC Cannabis Store needed a larger box than usual to ship it — like babushka dolls. When I finally managed to bust my way through the packaging, the payoff was disappointing. It was about half a gram underweight, clumsily machine-trimmed and bouncing around in a bunch of shake.

We posted about our first impression, and Seth messaged the oz. through Instagram. He was apologetic about the experience and I decided to buy another 3.5 gram order to give it a second chance. (A lot of people were surprised it wasn’t replaced for me, but that’s the way the weed crumbles.)

When the second order arrived, it was a little overweight and a little nicer. The lid actually worked this time, which was an improvement. Still, by the time all the shake was settled, less than half of the total seven grams were halfway decent. Now, after a couple weeks in a glass jar with two Boveda packs (seriously, it took that), it has blossomed into the rich fruity bud pictured and gives a nice smoke with an uplifting creative effect.

This is not a blockbuster… though it does have some cult-classic highlights; there is that nice chemdawg potency to it.

Houseplant has announced plans for two more strains. Maybe the sequels will be better.

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