Canntinis by House of Terpenes

Published on May 19, 2023 by David Wylie

Photo: Jenny Neufeld/the oz.
Three 'Canntini'-tyle drinks from House of Terpenes.

Summer is a great time to enjoy a cannabis beverage.

With the weather heating up we grabbed a trio of cocktail inspired drinks from House of Terpenes: Cranberry Citrus, Ginger Mint, and THC-SAR.

They come in the little cans that hold 236 ml, and each provides 10mg of THC. They are coloured to reflect the contents within, berry red for the Cranberry Citrus, a warm light brown for the Ginger Mint, and a ruddy orange for the THC-SAR.

House of Terpenes Cranberry Citrus

The Cranberry Citrus, seemingly inspired by a vodka cranberry, had an almost boozy scent to it when I cracked it open. The colour was a pretty pinkish red. However, it did have a bit of a milky tint to it, not necessarily uncommon in infused drinks.

The first sip explained why we got this one on sale, as it was terrible. It tastes like bad decisions, dredging up memories of cheap booze at a weekend party when you are too young to know better or care. It was sour, bitter, and might even be better at stripping the paint off of something instead of providing a buzz.

House of Terpenes Ginger Mint

The Ginger Mint, a nod to the Moscow mule, may look unassuming, with its more neutral colour palette, but it packs a strong ginger punch. It was so potent, I considered diluting it with something else to provide a more easy drinking experience. This drink also had that murky bitter underlying taste but was certainly sweet, unlike its cranberry counterpart.

I would drink it again if offered, but I wouldn’t go out of my way for it.

House of Terpenes THC-SAR

Finally, the THC-SAR, a departure from the others with its savoury flavour, was likely the closest approximation to its alcoholic inspiration—the classic Caesar. However, you couldn’t actually call this a Caesar because there is no clam juice, just tomato, so it is more akin to a Bloody Mary.

It was a bit thin and watery but the taste reminded me of a V8. It had a spicy bite on the finish. The drink lacked the underlying bitterness of the other two.

Not worth a repeat buy

Overall, they took effect fairly quickly and provided a good high for the amount of THC. But none of the flavours are worth a repeat buy.