Black Forest Chocolate by The Hazy Camper

Published on May 26, 2023 by David Wylie

The Hazy Camper takes the essence of a rich black forest cake and thoroughly infuses it in a cannabis chocolate.

Black Forest THC Organic Dark Chocolate smells just like the classic cake, with deep rich chocolate and sweet maraschino cherry.

Each package has one coin shaped chocolate with 10 mg of THC.

The company suggests on the package melting it over a campfire with graham crackers and marshmallow.

It’s just as delicious on its own.

The chocolate is nicely engraved with The Hazy Camper’s quadrant-esque logo, with a trailer, campfire, compass, and sunshine. It’s not just a pretty design, it’s also functional—helping break the chocolate into four equal parts.

The flavour is cherry forward, with a hint of almond. The characteristic bitterness of quality dark chocolate comes through, but it has a great balance of through the fruit.

This is one of the tastiest cannabis chocolates I’ve tried.

There is no cannabis flavour or aftertaste.

The effect is typical for 10mg and comes on decently quick. It’s mellow, restful, and functional.