Popular ’90s Canadian rapper Choclair signs on with CLIKBO

Published on June 24, 2022 by David Wylie

Photo: Contributed
Canadian rapper Choclair's first release in the 1990s was hailed as a hip hop anthem.

A well-known Canadian hip hop artist from the 1990s has taken a job with a cannabis-focused fashion and accessories company.

Kareem Blake, better known as Choclair, signed on with CLIKBO as a director and subject matter expert.

“CLIKBO Labs is a pioneer in cannabis lifestyle accessories. That’s what attracts me, it’s perfect for people attending shows, concerts, or just chillin’ with friends,” says Choclair in a statement.

As Lead Hip-Hop Affairs, Choclair will promote the business through his appearances, endorsements, and business development activities.

Choclair’s first release, Twenty-One Years, dropped in December 1995. It’s been called a “hip-hop anthem.” He’s been nominated for six Juno awards and won four, as well as a MuchMusic Video award.

The agreement between Choclair and CLIKBO includes provisions for Choclair-branded accessories and entertainment events.

CLIKBO was founded in 2018 by Noah Shopsowitz, son of the late Sam Shopsowitz of the Toronto-based Shopsy’s Delicatessen empire. His background is in real estate and construction.

“Hip-hop culture and lifestyle have always been a cornerstone of our designs,” says CLIKBO CEO and founder Noah Shopsowitz. “From our earliest product launches, we found acceptance and adoption with DJ’s and a broad hip-hop audience.”

CLIKBO Labs designs and manufactures a variety of packaging and accessories.