Highbrow humour

Published on February 3, 2019 by oz. staff

Highbrow humour on CBC

One of our favourite shows, CBC’s The Debaters, recently covered a burning topic.

Now that cannabis is legal should everyone try it?

Comedians Lara Rae and Dave Hemstad delivered blunt force in a spliffy when they discussed trying cannabis. Give it a listen to hear who won.

Not welcome
A council meeting in the rural North Okanagan community of Lumby turned intense when dozens of residents opposed a 100,000-sqaure-foot cannabis facility.

In the South Okanagan community of Oliver, they’re relaxing restrictions on pot growers. Penticton is still reviewing applications.

Kelowna lotteries
Based on numerous applications within the same space, there will likely be lotteries in Kelowna. (Lake Country is getting nosey, btw.)

Flowr Blooming
As construction progresses, The Flowr Corporation is adding more grow rooms and has announced it’s getting into the cloning business. Global Okanagan’s Kelly Hayes reports.