Cannabis shop has a feminine touch in Northern BC

Published on June 9, 2023 by David Wylie

Photo: Contributed
Inside The Flowershop Cannabis store in Northern BC.

Toni Marcer, who owns The Flower Shop Cannabis store in Chetwynd, BC, has given the store a feminine atmosphere.

“I’ve been to a lot of weed stores and they quite often have a very masculine feel,” she tells the oz., adding she wanted her shop to be different.

“It’s full of all kinds of plants. I try to keep a lot of really cool accessories. We change our displays out a lot. It’s really beautiful.”

Recently, the store has been selling out of cannabis clones, which have been popular.

“I’m trying to help with the stigma of cannabis. I’m trying to shine a light on the unfair darkness that’s been on it all these years. As a culture we’re moving into a different realm. I’m really excited to be a part of that, but it’s also a lot more challenging than I thought.”


Mail order for cannabis connoisseurs

Marcer recently started up a Cannabis Connoisseur Club for her customers.

“I offer people the option to have us mail them a special cultivar once a month,” she says.

Each month customers receive either a quarter, half-ounce, or an ounce. All Nations’ Day Trippin’ Sativa was the first selection in May. (Eighths are too small, she adds.)

Two of Marcer’s favourite brands are Organnicraft and Simply Bare.

“I try to focus on growers that have a lot of different cultivars that they rotate. You’re always getting something exciting,” she says. “We do buy a lot of weed from all over BC,” she says.

They bring in BC Black products, through Joint Venture, because it helps smaller farmers get to market.

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Bigger companies also have their place among budget brands and ease.

“There’s a certain aspect of retail that’s always going to be convenience based. We sell a lot of pre-rolls, and everybody knows that pre-rolls aren’t the best weed,” says Marcer.

The cannabis store is located near a liquor store, so people pop in and buy pre-rolls also, she says, adding if you’re on the go, they make sense.

Infused joints are quite popular at the store, including General Admission. King Packs of Redees, an ounce’s worth of straight-roll joints, are also in demand.

Pre-rolls from Color Cannabis are among the more popular choices, at $2.50 a joint.

Indigenous cannabis producers in BC are popular

Marcer has been bringing in products from Indigenous growers, including Lower Mainland-based producer All Nations and Vancouver Island’s 18twelve.

“There’s a high Indigenous population here and I think it’s cool to support,” she says.

As for edibles, Marcer says Wana gummies, which is women-run, are a good choice. The fast-acting gummies are great for people who are new to what being stoned feels like, and whether to take more.

“The first time I took tincture, I waited forever and it seemed like nothing happened so I took more. I needed somebody to lead me to my bed,” she laughs.

She also likes Wyld gummies, which uses food-grade terpenes to add to the entourage effect and use real fruit. They have a range of flavours and formulations with a focus on CBD.

“They are super colourful, super tasty. We sell those a lot.”

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