Let’s hash it out

Published on June 7, 2021 by Katerina Bakalos

Hash from Simply Bare

If there is one person who is passionate about hash it’s Tyler Pilgaard.

“You don’t have to be 50 years old to smoke hash!” says Pilgaard, who is a sales representative for Hybrid Brand Management.

We need to break the idea that hash is “an addition” to flower; when we do that two things happen:

1. We have competing flavours—it’s like mixing whiskey and vodka.

2. You are diluting your hash (so you buy a 30%+ concentrate product to add it to a 15-25% flower product).

When we have these higher cannabinoid contents, we can smoke less product and get the same amount of active ingredients so it’s better for our lungs.

For all the high THC chasers out there, hash is the answer to your prayers.

Hash from Verse Concentrates

What is hash?

Well, there are two types of techniques. Dry sift is cured product bounced over screens then is collected and pressed together.

Bubble Hash is cured, or fresh frozen flowers mixed with ice and water to knock off trichomes. It is then poured through screen bags to separate trichrome sizes. It will then be freeze-dried to remove any excess moisture.

Both done at the highest level should be a smokable and dabbable product.

Simply Bare Organic has just released strain specific Apple Toffee pressed hash and it is recommended to be smoked or dabbed on its own.

Their product production begins by tumbling their living-soil and sun-grown flowers and as soon as it’s cured they complete the process by hand-cutting into earthy brown hash. It gives off an incredible kushy and fruity aroma. One of the biggest names in Bubble Hash is none other than Marcus Richardson (aka “BC Bubble Man.”)

You may have seen him pop into stores across BC as he brought his excitement to The Hank Co. Bubble Hash. If you want to learn more, you can check him out at bubblemanbrand.com.

The days of “hot knives” are over. Grab yourself a little spoon pipe with a screen, get some hash from your local Legal shop, and dive in. What is the best that can happen? You get a lot higher.

Katerina Bakalos is the owner of Green Gaia Cannabis.