Keeping calm during COVID-19

Published on April 2, 2020 by Carly-Rae Cooke

By Carly-Rae Cooke

It’s a weird time right now and we’re all feeling some type of way.

In times like these, there’s no normal. We’re all trying to navigate our new way of life, whether it be surrounded by family or completely alone.

With all the constant fear and negativity, it’s so important to take a moment to realign with your needs and prioritize what keeps you functioning as you.

I realized I was caving to the pressure of all that is going on and needed to make a change. So, I made a list highlighting what fills me up (metaphorically and physically), what keeps me smiling and what calms me down.

Here’s my list:

  • Coffee. This is a non-negotiable for me. Just holding a warm cup of coffee soothes some of my anxious feels. Plus, the caffeine jolt in the morning is much needed, especially when working from home.
  • Music. Music keeps me sane. I find a certain song can change your mood in an instant. When I really need a break, I’ll throw on a playlist and just lay on the floor – eyes closed, headphones in. Deep breaths and dope beats (check out my playlists!).
  • Cannabis. What was illegal, only a short time ago, is now deemed as an essential. How cool is that? I am new to the cannabis world, but can’t imagine my life without it. It helps me sleep, curbs my anxiety and allows me to take a break from the wild world we’re in right now. If you’ve never tried cannabis, there’s really no better time than the present!

The cannabis world is ever evolving and there are so many ways to utilize the wonderful plant. Whether you want to calm some anxiety with just CBD or add a little THC into the mix. Not sure what the difference is?

CBD can bring a wide range of benefits, including a sense of clear-headed, functional feels, while also providing that sweet, sweet anxiety relief – no psychoactive high here!

Then there’s THC – cue some blissful feels and therapeutic benefits. THC helps with nausea, insomnia (this is a big one for me) and aids in pain relief, among many other wonderful benefits.

Still not sure about it? If you’ve never tried cannabis or had a very awful first experience (I sure did), I hope you take this time (‘cause who knows how long we’ll be here) to educate yourself and see what it’s all about. Start low and slow. It’s amazing to see what options are out there, from the typical joints to edibles and vapes, there is really something for everyone.

Here are a few of my go-tos:

Have some questions or just want to chat? You can catch me online at OrdinarilyHonest.com talking all things cannabis + yoga or on the gram @OrdinarilyHonest.

Chill away pals + wash those hands. xo