7 rolling papers that aren’t RAW

Published on February 17, 2023 by David Wylie

RAW rolling tips Photo: Adobe/the oz.
RAW is losing faithful customers after it came out that they haven't been honest with people.

Popular rolling paper brand RAW has been caught in a web of lies.

The company got spanked in US court after a judge ruled its advertising claims were deceptive.

Some of the bombshells:

  • “RAW Foundation” doesn’t exist
  • No funds or proceeds from sales were donated to that ‘charity’
  • Their rolling papers are not “unrefined”
  • The papers are not organic
  • They’re not made using wind power
  • They’re not produced in Alcoy, Spain

For more provocative reading, here’s the press release from Republic Tobacco, which brought forward the suit and obtained the court injunction against RAW. The copyright case has now come to a close with RAW winning over Republic–but not really.

If you’ve decided not to use RAW papers anymore, we’ve got some possible alternatives.

Pure Hemp

Pure Hemp’s selection of papers come from Spain. They describe themselves as “a tree-free rolling paper alternative.” They have classic and unbleached papers, as well as cones. Pure Hemp’s homepage.

Photo: Contributed


Rizla’s slogan is roll with the legend. It’s been around since 1796. Natura, Bamboo, and Precision are among the collection of rolling papers. Those who love them, love them a lot. The Rizla Story.

Photo: Conntributed/@unicornglassbrantford


Zig-Zag rolling papers are a market leader. The name brings to mind the iconic smoking ‘Zig-Zag Man,’ a.k.a. Captain Zig-Zag. The papers are a smooth smoking experience, especially the white pack. 10 things you didn’t know about Zig-Zag.

Photo: Contributed

King Palm

King Palm leaf tubes are pretty much what they sound like. They range in size from rollie (holds 0.5 grams) to XXL (5 grams). They burn slow and have a distinctive taste. The King Palm story.

Photo: Contributed


Wolfpack is a designer all-in-one rolling paper pack, with a grinder, tray, and tips, along with the papers. They were created after the founder had a motorcycle accident and had trouble gathering all of the rolling materials with her uninjured hand. Ontario-based Wolfpack.

Photo: Contributed


Herbiture rolling papers are made from pure rice, resulting in a slow burn. They’re thin, flavourless and come with filter tips. BC-based Herbiture’s rolling papers.

Photo: Contributed


Owned by Republic Tobacco, OCB papers are sustainable and biodegradable. They were founded in 1822 in France. They have an array of types, including organic hemp, virgin, craft, bamboo. OCB’s commitment page.

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There are lots of other options out there.

Visit your local weed shop/head shop to see what they have as RAWalternatives.