Buzzed bang: sex and weed

Published on February 12, 2019 by David Wylie

For years, people have been studying the correlation between cannabis and sexual desire.

The largest and best studies to date on getting under the influence and then under the covers have shown that weed indeed enhances sexuality.

Stanford researchers have so far conducted the largest study to date. In it, they used data that included 28,176 women and 22,943 men over more than a decade.

They found men who got high weekly, got off 22 percent more than their counterparts who abstained from cannabis.

High ladies got even luckier at 34 percent more sex.

A recent poll by National Access Cannabis found one in five British Columbians enjoy sex more than anything else while high.

The survey of 1,525 Canadians was conducted in early October, shortly after recreational pot became legal in Canada.

We asked readers of the oz. if they’re down to get down and dirty after smoking up.

“I find for me, unlike being drunk and sloppy with fuzzy memories, I still feel in control of myself but less self-conscious and more relaxed. That leads to feeling sexier and I think leads to better sex,” one of our female readers told us.

Another recommended Maui Wowie as a sexual strain, joking it should be called ‘Super MILF.’

“I meal prepared, cleaned two bathrooms, did an hour of yoga and had two orgasms – followed up by a good night’s sleep,” she told us.

Here are more quotes from you:

“Actually I really can’t remember the last time where I wasn’t high.”

“Personally, I was never interested in sex while high. I’d much rather listen to music, or go for a walk. Sex is its own high – it don’t need drugs!”

“I got sleepy, she got mad.”

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