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Q&A with WeedMD

WeedMD (aka Color Cannabis) CEO Keith Merker did a Q&A with the WeedStocks community on Reddit.

oz. staff • September 12, 2019
Long Read

Q&A with Cannabis Cottage

Growing Home Okanagan's Jaimie Miller-Haywood shares her Q&A with the owner of Cannabis Cottage.

Special to the oz. • August 15, 2019

Cautionary tale: Raided for 3 plants in Revelstoke

If you’re growing your own cannabis in B.C., you’re going to want to read this story

David Wylie • August 8, 2019

Rise of the machines

Extraction technology is the backbone of the slew of new cannabis products about to launch, and Vitalis is at the forefront.

David Wylie • August 2, 2019

Aurora’s experimental weed

An agricultural hamlet is officially home to an outdoor experimental cannabis farm owned and operated by Aurora.

oz. staff • July 19, 2019

From 150 to zero seizures

Researchers found medicinal cannabis oil has a significant impact on children with epilepsy.

David Wylie • July 8, 2019

How sweet it isn’t…

The double standard between alcohol and weed has never been more clear.

David Wylie • June 17, 2019

Stoned Age: The world’s oldest smoke spot

Photo: Aerial view of the Jirzankal Cemetery.

David Wylie • June 14, 2019